Mallesham: the life of a school drop-out guy to Padmashri awardee.

Mallesham: the life of a school drop-out guy to Padmashri awardee.
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The perspective of Telangana films is changed.
The directors and producers are not hesitant to experiment.
They are coming up with new stories.
Mallesham is the same kind of movie.
The life of Mallesham who could not see mothers suffering received Padmasri award for inventing the Asu machine was the backbone of his caste-based handloom industry.
You should read the review to find out how this story has impressed viewers.


A child born in the family of weavers is forced to stop studies in between to help parents. He must weave like his father.
Her body wore out doing Asu work. She suffers from shoulder pain. He grows watching his mother and many women suffering from shoulder pain.

A school drop-out guy learns things even an engineer can’t do. After many ups and downs, criticism even from his family makes the Asu machine.

He wants to invent the Asu machine to weave easily.
Borrowing and buying the required pieces of equipment. But many times he failed to reach the destination. So many insults on this journey. And what about Mallesham’s story at the end?
Did he achieve that?
What events and challenges did he face in this journey?
This is the story of the movie.

Synopsis :

It needs guts to make the biopic of a common man.
Hats off to Priyadarshi for playing the role of Mallesham, the director of the film for choosing this plot.
The first half of the movie filled with fun elements, his childhood and marriage. Telangana traditions and wedding style were shown.
The second half appears to be a battle over the entire Asu machine. Fails every time it starts. The main story begins in the second half.
This led him to face criticism even from his family.
Everyone knows he can make the machine. But every time Mallesham loses, the audience loses its sense of how the film is meant to be.
The audience will come to know how hard to weave a saree after watching this film.
Raj Rachakonda directed and produced the film.


Even though it is a debut movie for Ananya Nagalla, she performed with ease with the established co-stars. We’ll see Priyadarshi in a new avatar.
No need to say about Jhansi’s performance.
Anand Chakrapani performance will be the highlight of the film, who believed in her son but scolds him for the sake of society.
Tollywood got good artists in the form of Sarish and Jagadish Mallesham friends.
The rest of the cast have impressed with their roles.


Worth watch film for the weekend. Go and watch the movie without expectations.


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