Kerala Burning With Protests As Two Women Devotees Entered Sabarimala

Massive Protests In Kerala Over Women Entry Into Sabarimala

Two women protesters successfully entered the Sabarimala Temple and came out safely with the help of Kerala Government by opposing the Ayyappa devotees. This has set a stage for violent protests and Police charge in Kerala.The Kerala Government is scratching its heads to control the Protestants of Ayyappa as they are creating hurdles to the Public life and destroying Government property. This BJP supported protestants are boiling the God’s own country prevailing that religious beliefs are more important that the law of the land. Among the protestors, the groups of VHP, Sabarimala Karma Samithi, and Antar Rashtriya Hindu Parishad helped the local Keralites in creating a ruckus on the streets in various important cities of Kerala.

This resulted in Policemen to force a charge against these violence creators. As many as 750 people were arrested by the Kerala Police in one day. This charge resulted in severe injuries to both sides. Almost 30 Policemen were injured as the Public pelted stones on the Home Department and in turn, Policemen hurt 100 protestants which exclude one dead person.Meanwhile, the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan reacted harshly on the trouble creating groups and asked if they value the final verdict of the Supreme Court of India. He asked all to stop the violence and value the women rights. This communist CM blamed on the BJP leaders for intentionally provoking the innocent devotees for their Political gains.


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