Tollywood Vs TV Channels Became Mega Family Vs Media Channels?


Mega Family Vs Tv Channels At Film Industry

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No one understands why everyone is targeting heroes in the mega family to get instant fame. After the sensational controversy of Pawan Kalyan-RGV-Sri Reddy, sources close to the producer Allu Aravind hints a new conspiracy against the mega family.Right from the jobless critics like Kathi Mahesh to unknown faded out actresses like Sri Reddy, they are choosing mega family as a soft target to make news and achieve instant fame. In case of some TV Channels, they design and air programmes against mega heroes for TRPs by conducting live debates.

Sri Reddy abusing Powerstar Pawan Kalyan hit back at some conspired channels and ended up getting worse TRPs in the happened week. Now the latest news is that some anti-fans and these channels who hurt by mega fans have speculated to create a controversy on Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya movie. The same was declared by Allu Aravind on stage without fearing anyone. He declared that some forces are conspiring to bring a bad name to this movie and they are also on a mission to degrade this movie with bad reviews. So he asked mega fans to support the mega family and this movie.

Despite making programmes on the entire Tollywood, these media channels dared to focus on mega family. Latest rumor is that those channels waged a secret war on the mega family as it is the one which came with a proposal of banning some Channels. Earlier, other T-town biggies asked the mega family to stay patient and leave the matter. As those channels kept irking, now the entire Tollywood biggies are planning to make the ban official very soon.

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