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Mega – Project by CM Chandrababu

Water Project by CM Chandrababu

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu has set his focus on utilizing the water resources in the state, thanks to the success of Pattiseema project. With the neighboring states building dams over the Krishna river, it would be foolish for the state government to rely on Krishna waters in the near future. At the same time, most of the Godavari waters are being left out into the open sea.

Realizing these two aspects, and with the success of Pattiseema project, Chandrababu is coming up with a mega plan for the interlinking of rivers across the state at an affordable cost with the maximum outcome. In this context, the CM is carving out the project to diver the Godavari waters to Penna River in the near future.

Chandrababu has briefly gone through the studies about diverting the Godavari waters to Penna River. If this project come to light, Nellore district along with the four Rayalaseema districts would be benefited from the Penna waters.

If the Andhra Pradesh government can utilize 1/5th of the 1500 TMCs of Godavari waters [going to open sea] through this project, there would be no question of shortage of the water for agriculture and even industries in the distant future.

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