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Producers behind ‘Average’ director ignoring ‘Hit’ director!

Producers behind Vivek Athreya

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With the film ‘Pelli Choopulu’, the trust factor in Producer Raj Kandukuri’s judgment increased leaps and bounds in the Telugu film industry. That’s the reason, even Daggubati Suresh Babu from Suresh Productions came forward to present the film after seeing the rushes. ‘Pelli Choopulu’ did not disappoint its producer and presenter. The film raked gold at the box office. The film also introduced director Tarun Bhaskar, who has received critical acclaim for the movie.

‘Mental Madhilo’ came as production no.2 from the producer Raj Kandukuri. Though the film did not reach the benchmark set by Pelli Choopulu, both in content and collections wise, the film fared the box office pretty well and brought in profits. Even this film was presented by Suresh Babu. Another director Vivek Athreya was introduced through this film.

The latest news is that Raj Kandukuri and Suresh Babu will be seen working for the third time. They are giving Vivek Athreya his second chance to direct a film. The upcoming film is expected to be a thriller.

Meanwhile, Tarun Bhaskar is still scouting for a producer. Close sources stated that he has finished writing the script, which is based on his real-life events. It is really shocking to see producers ignoring hit director and opting ‘average’ director.

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