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‘Mister Majnu’ Is Akhil….!

This generation’s most handsome boy Akhil third movie title in the pending. Considering some speculations, this movie title is ‘Mister Majnu’. But, Majnu title was already used by his father Nagarjuna and he succeeded with that title. Again, Nani has also used Majnu and he also succeeded. And, both these heroes doing a movie with another love failure candidate name ‘DevaDas’.

Nagarjuna-Majnu     Nani's-Majnu

Now, with extension, it is Akhil’s time. Good to hear that Tholiprema film’s director Venky Atluri directs this film. Really it is good to hear because of Akhil’s previous movies. With the high budgets, the movies both Akhil and Hello produced but they did not give a hit to him. So, this movie is producing with a normal budget and hope it will get success for him.

Akhil-movie Akhil-AkkineniHello-movie

This film’s shooting is in the last schedule and the team plans to release the first look on 15th August. If it real there will be double excitement, because of Jr.ntr. Jr.Ntr’s ‘Aravinda Sametha’ movie teaser also coming on 15th August. Come to Akhil, this film producer is BVSN Prasad and heroine is Nidhi Agarwal. This heroine made her film debut with Hindi movie Munna Michael and she is doing a Telugu film. The movie is none other than Akhil brother Nag Chaitanya’s Savyasachi. Though she is doing with Chaitanya and get into Akhil’s movie also and at a time both brothers. It’s unbelievable matter but it is fact.


We would watch the good chemistry between Akhil and Nidhi as well as Dance also. Because she is a very good dancer and her Hindi film hero was Tiger Shroff. So, we can expect that dance skills and Akhil also a good dancer. So, we can see performances on screen.


As come to the title, producer registered title that Mister Majnu, according to the sources. Moreover that, the team plans to release it in December. Finally, Akhil should get hit with it and director Venky’s love flavor may create magic again as well as Tholiprema.

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