Modi And Amit Shah’s Secret Behind One Nation One Poll


With the unexpected backlash from the common people and Oppositions alliance, the BJP heads Modi and Amit Shah are trying hard to bring on the One Nation One Poll. Political experts are to decode their hidden strategy behind this move.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying hard to conduct the elections of all the states at a time since ages. His idea is to organize Parliament elections along with the State elections in parallel to minimize the election expenditure. However, this time he has got his own reasons for bringing this thing into real-time Politics.

In their latest survey, it came to know that BJP is going to lose its power in more than three States among 15 States which are yet to have elections. If they lose three states before the Parliament elections, then it would show a huge impact on winning at the Centre. So their idea is to dissolve the assemblies of all the 15 states which are yet to have elections and to conduct elections at a time in this year so that even if they lose some states, it will show the lesser impact on the Parliament elections.

bjp to dethrone modi from the center.This bold move also has its demerits. If they force to implement this act, then BJP will have no time to re-write the strategies from their failures and will have no time to form winning alliances with other parties. Congress is quite confident about forming a big alliance anti to BJP to dethrone Modi from the center. One has to wait and see if this One Nation One Poll shall be possible this time or not.


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