I’m In Confusion About ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’- Nithin


Young hero Nithin has recently released “Srinivasa Kalyanam” movie. But it is getting mixed talks. It is creating confusion to film team also. In the wake of this situation, in success meet Nithin said, “Actually, my movies’ results come within two days as either hit or flop. But, for this movie, I’m totally in confusion. At the same time, I’m happy with the good reviews of family audiences. I loved this film very much. I proudly say this is one of the best films of my career.”

i'm in confusion about 'srinivasa kalyanam'- nithinAlthough, producer Dil Raju expressed his chafing about social media negative comments on this film. He said, “It is a very bad and sad thing that though this film is getting positive reviews from the family audiences, in social media negative comments are spreading. I did 30 movies in my 15 years film career but I never before facing this type of confusion. The film ‘Lover’ talk revealed on the third day of film release and it has flopped. But, social media’s negative comments about the movie are too bad, we feel about it.”

“Actually, mixed talk is going about this movie. So, to know the audiences’ opinion on this film, we distribute the type of wedding cards and cards consists of four options that Very good, Good, Not bad, and Bad. Though, we have conducted this survey nearly in 60 to 70 theatres. 90% of audiences selected Very good option and this film is getting good collections. There were different talks between the family audiences and youth audiences,” Dil Raju said. Director Satish said, “This type of social media’s negative comments are not fair and they troll the audiences who give positive comments. Don’t do this type of actions.”Although, Dil Raju announced that his upcoming movie “Thank You – Meeku Ela Cheppaalo”. And, its director is Satish Vegesna again.


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