Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestModi Cabinet Ministry Reshuffle On Sunday

Modi Cabinet Ministry Reshuffle On Sunday

Modi Cabinet Ministry Reshuffle Sunday

Modi Cabinet Ministry Reshuffle Sunday: The time is coming towards to increase the central ministry. This Sunday the PM Modii is going to increase the ministry. As he is thinking to take some BJP leaders. For some ministers, he is decided to share party duties. For this already some central minister’s are resign. Rajeev Paetaap Roodhi, Uma Bharathi, Sanjeev Balyaan, are also resign on Thursday. And some more are going to resign by Saturday evening. As the ministers who are resign, they are sharing the party duties by Amithshah.

As the Telangana minister Dattatreya also going to resign from his ministry. He is going to be placed as the governor. As the Amithshah is already gave the promise to Dattatreya he said. As with the BJP leaders, the new party joined leaders also are going to be give ministry. Recently joined in NDA with JDU and BJP nearer Anna DMK gave ministries. After this PM Modi is going to participate in bricks country meetings in China.


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