Rally For Rivers campaign

Rally for Rivers

Rally for Rivers

We all know how important our natural resources are. And Furthermore, we all even know, how much our natural resources depletes. It is our duty to save our land and rivers. Today we have 70% less water. It is our legacy to continue the sustainability and provide the resources to our next generation. For this purpose here is the initiative i.e Rally for Rivers.

Furthermore, Rally For Rivers is breakthrough campaign launched by Isha Foundation to save the Life lines. While the simplest solution to rejuvenate India’s rivers is to maintain a minimum of one-kilometer tree cover on riversides. Everyone can be a part of this campaign and provide help through a missed call. Your missed call will help in the creation of a positive river policy to revive our rivers. the simplest way you can participate in reviving them is by giving a missed call to 80009 80009. Therefore, this missed call is to quantify public support and make the policy approval possible. Let us save our rivers.

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