Congress Party Depending On Azharuddin and Ramulamma

Congress Party Depending Azharuddin Ramulamma

Congress Party Depending On Azharuddin and Ramulamma

Congress Party Depending Azharuddin Ramulamma: For Congress party for every state leaders are ready for the elections. As the Congress party will keep the movie artists and cricketers in stock and they will take them when needed. Some times they will win with the high majority. In that way leaders Azharuddin and Ramulamma. Azharuddin and Ramulamma is a leader who has been competing in Uttar Pradesh and even in critical situations. Azharuddin is appearing in Hyderabad mostly how days. Recently he participated in HCA elections also. As Vivek Pannell is participating in corruption.

In this situation, Congress is planning to nominate his as the Hyderabad MP seat. In old city also Azharuddin has a good following. They are planning to cash the situation. For Telangana movement, the Ramulamma glamour is very useful. As Vijaya Santhi left by the screen name as Ramulamma in public hearts. KCR invited her to the party and given same preference with him. By this, we can know the craze of Ramulamma. As with self-mistakes, she was not seen in nowadays. And Congress planning to nominate her from Warangal division. As in the elections time how people are believing the leaders means it’s a million dollar question.

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