Modi Demonetisation Helps To Stop Black Money

Modi Demonetisation Helps Stop Black Money

Modi Demonetisation Helps Stop Black Money

Modi Demonetisation Helps Stop Black Money: At last RBI withdraw its duty. The heaviest work on its head is passed to central. After the currency demonetization, it was opposed by all heavily. The demonized money details, money came back details, new currency distribution was released. It was not clear that the black money is increased or decreased by this. The new currency got many changes. As in recently the sub elections the parties has distributed some hundreds of crores there is no answer for this.

In up in the time of money demonetization the elections held BJP has distributed money. As they not able to stop this kind of situations means there is no use of dramatization. Shri modii and Jaitley are telling due to this demonization the country is going to develop. And they are telling the tax payers are increased the cock and bull stories. As the people should believe or not but they should believe so they are listing. The Congress interferes that BJP gets only single digit seats told by experts. As the Congress is going down day by day…modii games are going on.

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