Kamal Hassan Political Tweets

Kamal Hassan Tweets on Political Revolution

Kamal Hassan Tweets on Political Revolution

Kamal Hassan Tweets on Political Revolution: Day by day Tamilnadu politics creating more interest. One side opposition demanding CM Palanisamy to resign as he doesn’t have the strength and even calls Governor to assembly. But CM opposing to resign. The situation seems like the Presidential administration will come due the lack of strength. In this situation, Rajinikanth is getting ready to keep a new political party. Everyone is curious that what Rajini will if suddenly the elections come. In this scenario, Kamal comments are surprising the politicians and film industry too.

Recently, Kamal tweets that he will become the leader, uncertainty was increased in Tamilnadu politics with corruption. So Kamal calls all the Tamilnadu people to fight back for the political revolution. With this Kamal created a doubt that he will come direct politics as Rajinikanth. So Tamilnadu is debating about Kamal political entry but Kamal is not answering to this.

Posted August 31, 2017, 5:08 pm at 17:08

Kamal Hassan Politics Entry

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