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HomelatestPawan Kalyan Overreaction On GO Number 64

Pawan Kalyan Overreaction On GO Number 64

Pawan Kalyan Overreaction GO Number 64 

Pawan Kalyan Overreaction GO Number 64: As by saying of Pawan, Chandrababu is doing works…Power star is getting over. As he is telling that he will solve all problems as CM is a doll in his hands. As he did not say that he will discuss with the government. He only gave all promises to the public as TDP leaders not going to tolerate this. This matter is also posted to Babu. The agricultural BSC students went to Pawan and said that GO no. 64 is not ok to them. And said Telangana Go no. 16 is working.

By this Pawan also said ok to them. As Pawan open mouth means telling all Suggestions. But not thinking practical. In Uddanam what he did is seen by all. What ever did is due by BJP, TDP . He gave coloring as he did that. Of course, by Pawan, the problem came to live channel once again. That buildup irritates the public. As the Pawan was not a stable person that the people will not believe him. To know how people believe Pawan.

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