Modi’s Desperate Attempts To Corner CBN And TDP Leaders Revealed

CBN And TDP Leaders Revealed

The Indian PM Modi and BJP National Chief Amit Shah are said to be developed personal grudge on TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and his leaders post TDP’s exit from NDA alliance. They have been trying to trouble CBN from the past couple of months and their trails have intensified from the last month. The most sensational DSP’s arrest explains everything.

 general elections are less than a year in Andhra Pradesh

Be it the IT raids on CBN’s close associates like CM Ramesh, Revanth Reddy etc or the old case in Maharashtra on CBN, BJP tried its best in irking CBN but failed miserably. Now it even tried to make up a fake case involving CM Ramesh by linking him to CBI director’s sensational case of Moin Qureshi in meat exporting allegations. According to the DSP who fabricated the story, CM Ramesh acted as the mediator between CBI Director and Sana Satish, a businessman from the local city of Hyderabad. Luckily, the DSP Devinder Kumar got arrested and many facts are coming out post this arrest.

CBN’s close associates like CM Ramesh

As the general elections are less than a year in Andhra Pradesh, BJP’s plans are to make CBN as a villain and make him lose in the elections. But the strong and stubborn CBN is fighting against the National party even though it fails to aid AP Government in any mean.


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