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savyasachi trailer

The most awaiting thriller Savyasachi trailer is here. Savyasachi, Naga Chaitanya and director Chandu Mondeti’s second movie after Premam. Albeit, Premam movie was a remake and the credit majorly goes to original version writer and director. So, Chandu Mondeti did not get credit for that movie. But, he got marks from Naga Chaitanya and Chaitu have said in the audio release event of Premam, about Chandu. He said that Premam is not the right movie for Chandu and he is a talented guy and I’ll do a movie again with Chandu.

As well as, Chandu is making real Chaitu’s believe. From the title onwards, the movie is looking different. Moreover, the Vanishing Twin Syndrome is a different and fresh concept here and it is going with that. Chandu has proved himself with Karthikeya movie and now Savyasachi is on the line. Naga Chaitanya has released the movie ‘Shailaja Reddy Alludu’ in Septemeber and ready to release this Savyasachi on November 2nd. So, once again Naga Chaitanya brought two movies in a year, but this time difference too less.

 the trailer is fulfilled with all elements and madhavan

Come to the trailer, the trailer is fulfilled with all elements and Madhavan is the main attraction in it. Although, Bhumika maybe Chaitu’s sister in this movie. If you observe, Shakalaka Shankar looking good in this movie and also stylish. Besides, the heroine Nidhi Aggarwal appears in just two or three shots. Finally, the dialogues and visuals are super in thriller and fans are eagerly waiting for it. And, especially the Savyasachi song is looking superb with visuals. The movie is coming on November 2nd…..


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