Aravinda Sametha “Reddamma Thalli” Video Promo


 reddamma thalli video promo

Finally, the most intensified song of Aravinda Samantha movie, Reddamma Thalli video promo is here. What a song it is… Actually, many people said that Peniviti song is their favourite one from Aravinda Sametha. But, after watching the movie, the majority have shifted their opinion on Reddamma Thalli song. It created an impact in the audiences’ brain and all will be stayed silent while running it on screen.

trivikram's taking of that song was marvellous

Moreover, Trivikram’s taking of that song was marvellous and Eeshwari Rao damn excellent eyes intensity took it to next level. Really, Thaman gave such an wonderful music for it and he selected a suitable singer for this. Generally, after listening to this song, audiences’ brain asking about the singer, because her voice was amazing in that song. She is Mohana Bhogaraju and she was famous for Bhale Bhale Magadivoy title song and Baahubali’s Manohari song.

Frankly, her voice is outstanding as well as Penchal Das lyrics are superb. Really, he put the all emotion of the scene in those lyrics without dialogues. What a brilliant writing from Panchal Das, taking by Trivikram and Performed by Eeshwari, Music by Thaman, and voice modulation of Mohana Bhogaraju. Definitely, it was a surprising one while watching the movie and many are waiting for it and finally, here it is ‘Reddamma Thalli’.


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