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Modi Revenge On Hero Vishal

Modi revenge on hero Vishal

The Central government is all set to show its real side to those who are against to the party.The Modi sarkar and team are ready to do anything to reach their goals. Recently mersal is the film which got in controversy after its release. The film contains a dialogue regarding GST which ended up in controversy. The BJP leaders didn’t allow the film to release until the dialogues were deleted. Some of the celebrities gave Their support to mersal team. Vishal is one among them. Now Modi revenge on hero Vishal shocks everyone.

Vishal gave his support to the movie team saying there is no need for removing the dialogue. But, due to the press from BJP send also considering the risk of government the movie crew has deleted the dialogue from the film. After removing the dialogue the movie is free from all these issues. But, Vishal is aggressive towards the director for removing the dialogue.

Government who is observing the moves of everyone supporting the issue seems like planning a revenge. Modi and co didn’t like Vishal supporting the issue. They decided to show their political power to this hero. They fired the actor sending for an IT ride. In the ride is Known about Vishal pending taxes of 51lakhs. They have also sent notices to Vishal asking to pay the taxes as soon as possible. This might be government warning to Vishal.

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