Sunday, July 3, 2022
HomelatestDoomsday to hit BJP pretty soon in Tamil Nadu!

Doomsday to hit BJP pretty soon in Tamil Nadu!

Doomsday to hit BJP pretty soon in Tamil Nadu!

The current situation in Tamil Nadu doesn’t seem any good for the BJP. Bhartiya Janata Party has been trying to establish itself as a ‘3rd player’ in Tamil Nadu state politics from the past decade or so. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi felt the need and necessity to have a strong foothold in the southern state, where the DMK or AIDMK usually form the government.

With recent developments taking place Tamil politics, and BJP’s harsh stance on Vijay’s ‘Mersal’ movie about GST, it looks like a dead end for the Modi led government. BJP played a very cautious role during the ‘Jallikattu’ movement that did cause a stir all over India. The center had no choice other than going back after the ‘Jallikattu’ movement took a serious turn. With Film actors Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth entering into the political sphere forming their own political parties, the political battleground would only prove much fatal for BJP, which has repeatedly failed to catch the pulse of the Tamilians.

BJP did play its cards and supported Paneer Selvam openly during the political instability that prevailed post the death of Former CM, Jayalalithaa. But Shashikala ruined BJP’s dream with her ‘Mannargudi’ politics, making Palani Swami the Chief Minister. With Palani Swami and Paneer Selvam working together, political analysts feel that it’s better if BJP puts an end to its hallucinating thoughts of establishing the saffron empire in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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