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HomelatestBJP pays its price for ousting Venkaiah Naidu

BJP pays its price for ousting Venkaiah Naidu

BJP pays its price for ousting Venkaiah Naidu!

Venkaiah Naidu is the most prolific politician from the Telugu States who had a strong say at the national level politics. Right from his initial days to the final days, before he took charge as ‘Vice-President’, Venkaiah has always been a loyal representative of BJP. But his ousting from active politics by the BJP is certainly costing them in a big time.

PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are the two most powerful entities in BJP party. Factually speaking, the proposal of ‘Venkaiah Naidu’ as Vice President is clearly a ‘selfish’ political move, in which the BJP Duo wanted to get rid of Venkaiah Naidu from active politics for reasons better known to them. This selfish act did cost BJP more than ever.

With the philosophy of Karma ever evident, BJP is experiencing the wrath from all corners. The GST execution is turning out to be ‘weapon’ for Opposition in 2019 elections. If it was for Venkaiah in active politics, he would have backlashed and fired at opposition parties. The poor By-Election results and differences within the party cadres is a worrying factor for the center.

Venkaiah Naidu played a key role in 2014 BJP’s victory. A certain section of BJP cadre accepts the fact that, without Venkaiah, creating equilibrium in BJP circles is a nightmare.

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