Azharuddin Appointed As Telangana Congress Working President


AICC President Rahul Gandhi today appointed Azharuddin as Telangana Congress Working President on today. Azharuddin is Ex-MP from Congress party and former captain of the Indian cricket team. His cricket career ended with the allegations of match-fixing scandal in the 2000 year and he was banned for life-time by BCCI. Along with Azharuddin, Rahul Gandhi has also approved the names of two vice-presidents namely B.M. Vinod Kumar and Jaffer Javed, eight general secretaries and four secretaries. This news was revealed by the AICC general secretary Ashok Gehlot in his public statement.

mohammad azharuddin appointed as telangana

Azharuddin is hailed from Hyderabad and he is seeking to contest in 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Secunderabad constituency. As we know, Congress party joined the force of People’s Front (Praja Kootami) with TDP, TJS and CPI to defeat TRS in upcoming assembly polls held on 7th December 2018. The newly appointed general secretaries of Telangana Congress are namely Jagadeeshwara Rao, Nagesh Mudiraj, T Narsa Reddy, Manavatha Roy, Faheem, Kailash, Laxma Reddy and Krishank and the four new secretaries are Durgam Bhaskar, Daruvu Ellanna, Vijay Kumar and Bala Laxmi.


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