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HomelatestA.P Monsoon Sessions Gets A Date: Will YSRC Attend?

A.P Monsoon Sessions Gets A Date: Will YSRC Attend?

The AP Government has revealed the key dates for the commencement of AP Assembly Monsoon Sessions. This session is more than important for the ruling party for many obvious reasons.CBN lead AP State Government is planning to organize the Monsoon Sessions for the Assembly from 6th of September and they would last for ten days in a row. Many new schemes and beneficiary bills are going to get introduced in this sessions to create a huge impact on the minds of voters. CM and his cabinet are planning some juicy offers to the people to conquer their votes in the favor of TDP. The Speaker of the house Kodela Siva Prasad is going to send the information of the sessions to the Opposition party YSRCP as well. The idea of the State Government is to make the Opposition participate in this session to have a constructive debate on the bills.

 monsoon session of the Andhra PradeshBut no one knows whether YSRCP will attend these sessions or not. YSRCP boycotted the AP Assembly sessions from the past one year for not disqualifying the jumped MLAs from YSRCP to the TDP. Kodela is reluctant on banning these MLAs from the house so Jagan finally walked out of the house. Since then, he started his Praja Sankalpa Yatra and became busy touring the entire State of AP. Experts opine that YSRCP is not likely to attend these sessions as the ruling party will make sure all its bills will be implemented without discussions and debates. Instead of wasting their time in Assembly, the YSRCP camp believes that it is better to campaign among the people than to play spectators by attending the Monsoon session.

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