After Rahul, It’s Sonia Gandhi’s Turn To Visit Telangana

sonia gandhi Visit Telangana

The AICC has started concentrating on the newest State of Telangana being the opposite of the State. The High Command herself is going to cheer up the TPCC by visiting the State for the first time after the formation.It is a known thing that the AICC new Chief Rahul Gandhi created a storm by his Hyderabad visit the last week. His visit not only thrilled the party but also it created huge mileage for the Telangana Congress among the voters. Existing TPCC leaders can promote and campaign for their party in and around the capital city Hyderabad. But to tour the Northern Telangana, it is not an easy task for the leaders as the entire North of the state is captured by the ruling party TRS. The Pink party has won 45 out of 46 seats in Northern Telangana and became a fortress of the party. Such place can only be conquered by perfect campaigning by the right person.Telangana being the opposite of the State.So the Telangana Congress leaders are inviting the AICC Supreme Sonia Gandhi to tour the North part of the State. For the tour, leaders like Shabbir Ali are arranging a full furniture Bus for his boss. According to this Muslim leader, It was Sonia Gandhi who granted Telangana but not KCR. This fact will be reiterated by Sonia Gandhi in this Praja Chaitanya Radha Yatra in North. Ali blasted KCR in this regard by saying that Telangana was won by the people and students but not by KCR. He questioned KCR if he can get Telangana being an MP in Lok Sabha when he failed to pressurize the Centre to implement AP Bifurcation Act promises to be a CM now. One has to wait and see if Sonia’s visit boost TPCC likewise Rahul’s visit or backfires terribly. State’s chief Uttam Kumar Reddy is going to write an official invitation letter to their Supreme Sonia Gandhi about the Bus Tour.


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