Motkupalli’s Political Future In Dilemma

Mothkupalli's Political Future In Dilemma

Motkupalli Narasimhulu, the senior politician and ex-minister of Telugu Desam Party who has thrashed and abused the TDP supremo for suspending him has finally remained at the crossroads in his political journey.Motukupalli has used every bit of opportunity to thrash CBN and Co has reportedly given his support to all the parties who are going against TDP. He has lambasted on CBN and TDP like never ever before and pointed out the injustice done to his community. Many other leaders who supported this ex-minister a while back, seems to be avoiding him right now. Motkupalli who has expected Aaleru seat from TRS has stayed away after KCR telling him that he will allocate some other nominated post after the government is formed.

YSR Congress but the similar response

Later he looked at YSR Congress but the similar response has been heard from them as well. Initially, everyone thought he would be joining Pawan’s Janasena but later it’s all turned out to be mere speculations. With no takers from any party, Motukupalli’s has been in dilemma over his political career. Fed up with all the other promises of the political parties, the ex-minister is preparing his ground to contest independently from Aaleru constituency.


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