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HomelatestRamcharan Responded On Honor Killing

Ramcharan Responded On Honor Killing

The entire state have been stunned by the terrible interest of a dad killing his own child in-law Pranay under honor killing. Pranay a Dalit wedded upper cast young lady Amrutha on a couple of months back. It might be reviewed that 21-year-old Pranay was hacked to death by the unidentified attacker before a private hospital in the town on Septemeber 14, before Amrutha and her relative. The murder was caught in the CCTV camera installed at the hospital.

Miryalaguda with Dalits coming

The young lady’s dad Maruthi Rao was surrounded charged no 1 while uncle Sravan as denounced no 2 regarding the case. In the interim, solidarity is spilling out from Tollywood celebs following the frightful murdering. Revitalizes, candlelight challenges were completed crosswise over Telugu states on Monday.

 young lady's dad Maruthi Rao was surrounded

Hero Ramcharan responded saying, ” Extremely disgusted with the so called ‘honour killing’.. Where is the honour in taking a life?? Where are we going as a society??
Deepest condolences to Amrutha Varshini & the rest of Pranay’s family.. May his soul rest in peace!! ” Actor Manchu Manoj tweeted saying, “Caste feelings in any form, be it caste-based movie actors (fans), political parties, college unions, caste and religious organization is brutal. Each person who encourages caste is responsible for the horrible act that occurred.. shame on all those caste lovers and supporters. Shut down casteism. It is a disease that need to be prevented. My heart goes out to Pranay’s wife Amrutha and entire family. Deepest condolences and we are too sorry.” Amrutha and pranay got married and expecting first child.

mrutha and pranay got married and expecting first child

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