Mudragada, Janga Krishnamurthy Comments On Kapu Reservation


Mudragada Janga Krishnamurthy comments on Kapu Reservation

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Mudragada Janga Krishnamurthy comments on Kapu Reservation: The politics are turning into a new twist as long as the general election deadline is approaching. It’s a perfect example that party and the leaders don’t have any affection towards the caste but only on the votes, they are getting. There is no need to specify that YCP is there behind Kapu reservation in the guidance of Mudragada. This issue is going to end because of the struggle or for other reason. Soon Manjunath commission is going to report will introduce in the assembly about the Kapu reservation. CM Chandrababu is thinking to find a resolution and send it to the central government. If this happens then YCP needs to tell their opinion in assembly along with TDP.

That’s why YCP help BC cell meeting at Vijayawada on October 16th before the Manjunath commission report comes. Already that party BC cell president Janga Krishnamurthy started campaigning against CM Chandrababu BC cell. In that meeting, they will talk against to the government’s decision on Kapu reservation. YCP is planning to give pressure to the government without taking a decision of reservation. Jagan is raising both Mudragada and Janga at a time.

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