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Howrah Bridge Teaser Response

Howrah Bridge Movie Teaser got huge response

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Howrah Bridge Movie Teaser got huge response: ‘Howrah Bridge’ movie is getting ready to release starring Rahul Ravindran, Chandini Chowdhary where recently the teaser released. The audience and TRS film industry  got interest with the teaser. The audience are thinking this movie has matter by looking into the status. The teaser is getting the good response in social media as it got many views within the short span of time. Even the famous celebrities are reacting positively to this teaser. The film industry is buzzing that ‘Howrah Bridge’ movie will be complete youth entertainment.

The film unit members are telling that ‘Howrah Bridge’ movie will attract the family audience along with youth audience. The youth audience are impressed with the romantic scenes. The dialogues in the teaser got the huge response from the audience. The film unit members are confident with Rahul Ravindran luck and Chandini Chowdhary glamor will be the plus points to the movie. Few distributors from all areas are ready to release the movie with the teaser response.

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