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Mudragada New Bucket List Regarding Kapu Reservations

The ex-minister and the Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham has disclosed his new bucket list to the chief minister stating him to fulfil all the demands regarding the welfare of their community.

The New Bucket List Of Mudragada Is As Follows:

* Kapus reservation should be implemented in the ongoing monsoon sessions.

* He demanded an increase of quota to 10% from 5% citing the population of Kapu.

* Mudragada demanded the chief minister of A.P to withdraw the bill which was sent to the central government regarding the Kapu reservation and make necessary changes and put in the assembly and get it approved from the governor.

* Each and every individual belonging to his community should be permitted to obtain the BC certificate from the Tahsildar office.

* He also asked to fill the 5% of the 30000 to 40000 government posts which are vacant.

On a note to CBN, Mudragada made it clear that if his bucket list of demands is fulfiled by the C.M he will take padayatra with 1 lakh people of his community thanking CBN for the justice he had done.

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