Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Mugdha Godse explore her love for cooking

Actress Mugdha Godse says staying indoors during lockdown sparked her interest in cooking.

“I always wanted to learn cooking but I haven’t found the time to put into it. I had the time during the lockdown. I wanted to learn a lot of stuff. I started with learning a lot of Indian cuisines, understanding the flavors and the right amount of them. The magic is in the masala and the right amount of time that it’s flamed. It grows on you and I have been almost inseparable from the kitchen,” the actress tells IANS.

The actress says that she was self-motivated in order to cook daily, and not go out of touch with her new skill set.

“I try and cook at least one meal a day and that has really made me good in cooking. We should try and put the time in hand on things that we always wanted to do. We would not have so much time ever and it’s a good time to rejuvenate and put the time in things like yoga, learning a new skill, and investing time in art,” she says.

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