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Big Boss: Mumaith Khan Is Back

Mumaith Khan Return to the Big Boss House

Posted Yesterday at 19:00

Mumaith Khan Return to the Big Boss House: Mumaith Khan, who had attended the SIT as part of the Drugs case, will be joining ‘Big Boss’ house again tomorrow. Normally, once those who have come out of the ‘Big Boss’ house are not allowed to rejoin. But Mumaith Khan’s situation is different. So ‘Big Boss’ organizers gave special permission Mumaith Khan will take 2 days break from the show for two days and will join back to the house. As the sources say that a man who came with Mumaith will again take her back to the house.

She attended the SIT investigation with special conditions. On the other hand, she was not using the phone nor meeting her family and not interacting with anyone about anything. The man who came with her is taking care of everything. Currently, she is in agreement with Star MAA for ‘Big Boss’ show. So there is more chance to rejoin Mumaith in the ‘Big Boss’ house. She has gone to Pune right now after finishing the investigation. There are chances that tomorrow morning may Mumaith will enter into the ‘Big Boss’ house. Mumaith Khan has become the special attraction in the ‘Big Boss’ show. That’s why everyone is thinking that she will be back again. In today or tomorrow episode it may be broadcast.

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