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Nagarjuna Wild Dog movie to get Release in the theatres

Hyderabad: Actor Nagarjuna yesterday confirmed that his upcoming film Wild Dog. King Nag, as an NIA agent, hunts down terrorists in an unknown area. This is the gist of the upcoming action thriller Wild Dog, which is coming to theatres on April 2.

“The film was completed last November. And we had so many questions like when will theatres open? If the theatres open, will people step out to watch the film? During that period of uncertainty, we got a good offer from Netflix and we accepted it,” Nagarjuna explained while addressing the press in Hyderabad on Monday.

Directed by Ahishor Solomon, Wild Dog was supposedly scheduled to release on Netflix during the lockdown. However, the makers cautiously made a swift move to release it in theatres. Admittedly, producer Niranjan Reddy sensed that the content has the potential of vast viewership irrespective of region and language.

“Yes, the news that we sold Wild Dog to Netflix was correct. But at the last minute, we managed to convince the OTT platform that let it be released in theatres. And subsequently, it should anyway come to OTT. And the movies that have released so far in theatres have been doing well — Krack, and now Uppena,” producer Niranjan Reddy said and shared that the film unit had to create a set in India to compensate for the shoot scheduled overseas.

“Due to lockdown, we had to make arrangements here when the shoot was ready. On the first day, I saw daily wage workers giving me a salute. I felt how important it is for them to keep the fire burning at home. As an actor, I didn’t feel the pandemic as I am home enjoying my time with family members. So, I don’t consider the year 2020 had existed. A bad dream,” actor Nagarjuna said.


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