Nani proves he is smarter than his producer Dil Raju!!

Nani proves he is smarter than his producer Dil Raju

Nani proves he is smarter than his producer Dil Raju!!

Posted December 18, 2017, 4:42 pm at 16:42

It was a huge presence of the audience at Warangal Pre-release function for MCA – middle-class abbaye movie. The film unit felt uncomfortable and inconvenient with the crowd shouting and making a lot of noise even when the unit was addressing the function. At one point, Dil Raju lost his temper and warned the audience that it will be difficult for filmmakers to show interest to plan shootings or functions in Warangal if such nuisance is being created.

When it was the turn of hero Nani to speak, he surely showed his presence of mind to control the damage created by Dil Raju. He cleverly addressed the fans by asking them “why would we come here all the way from Hyderabad if you sit silently? So don’t take Dil Raju Garu’s comments seriously”. These words prompted the crowd to go into a jubilant mood.

The whole team lauded Nani for handling the situation very well at the right time. Sources say, that it could have created a negative impact on the movie if Nani didn’t cover it up smartly.

Dil Raju stuck all his hopes on MCA, to score a double hat trick in 2017. Akhil Akkineni’ Hello is also in for a release on December 21st. definitely a testing time for Dil Raju.

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