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Nani’s Shocking comments Upset Mega Fans And Nandamuri Fans!

Nani’s Shocking comments On Mega Fans And Nandamuri Fans

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It has been three weeks into the new year. Tollywood hasn’t seen a hit so far. Though big-ticket movies like Agnyaathavaasi and Jai Simha came for the Sankranti festival, Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi ended as a debacle, while Balakrishna’s Jai Simha fared decently at the box office. Raj Tharun’s Rangula Ratnam was nowhere to be seen, thanks to its story and direction.

Anushka’s Bhaagamathie is one of the most anticipated films in recent times. The movie is releasing on the Republic day, 26th January. Hero Nani was present at the pre-release function of the movie yesterday. Speaking on the occasion, Nani said, ‘Tollywood hasn’t seen a hit so far this year. I wish it should start with Anushka’s Bhaagamathie’. And Nani’s shocking comments did upset Mega fans and Nandamuri fans.

However, there is truth in what Nani said, Mega fans are claiming that Agnyaathavaasi did collect Rs. 75 crores at the box office. Similarly, Nandamuri fans are arguing that Balakrishna’s Jai Simha raked in best openings in Balayya’s career, and did bring profits for the producer.

The Mega and Nandamuri fans have expressed their anguish over Nani’s shocking comments. They have asked what exactly success means to Nani. Nevertheless, there is truth in Nani’s shocking comments. Agnyaathavaasi was expected to collect Rs. 150 crores and Balakrishna’s movie was likely to be the biggest hit in his career. In either case, it did not happen. Meanwhile, it is time for fans to change and accept reality.

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