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Nani’s special request becomes ‘viral’

Nani’s special request becomes ‘viral’

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In recent times, producers have taken a backseat. It is the lead pair and the director who is seen actively participating in the film promotion. It looks quite opposite to the movie Awe. Natural Star Nani is producing the film, with Prashant Varma helming it. The movie already released to positive reviews from both overseers and in the Telugu states.

In this context, Nani’s special request to all the moviegoers, film critics and other film lovers, became viral. The hero-cum-producer asked the aforementioned not to leak the story. ‘You can give your viewpoint. You can suggest whether to watch the film or not to your beloved ones. Go ahead and tell whether you liked the film or not. But don’t reveal the story. It takes away the excitement and fun while other watch it. I’m wholeheartedly requesting you not to reveal the story. This is the first time we are coming up with a story like this. I believe that everyone who is waiting for a new kind of film in Telugu Film Industry will definitely like Awe! Thank you,’ said Nani.

The movie stars Kajal Agarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Avasarala Srinivas, Murali Sharma, Priyadarshi, Nani (as fish, voiceover), and Ravi Teja (as Tree, voiceover).


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