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I want to become ‘Chantabbai’- Nani

I want to become ‘Chantabbai’- Nani

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Natural Star Nani, is presently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘AWE’, in which he not only gave his voice over for a fish but also been the main pillar of the film, the producer. Even though he is at his peaks as an actor with eight consecutive hits, he still took the plunge by risking to do a non-commercial and different film like ‘AWE’. The film is slated to release tomorrow, i.e. on February 16th.

During one of the promotional events of his debut production venture, ‘AWE’, he was asked in which film he desires to remake. He was quick to say, ‘Chantabbai’, indicating he didn’t say just for the sake of it, but is seriously planning and this subject is in his mind for a very long time.

The film, ‘Chantabbai’ an offbeat classic film has released in the year 1986. It was not only a classic movie in Chiru’s best career, but also in the Telugu film history. The film is the great outcome from the legendary writer-director Jandhyala. The director has exploited the flawless comedy timing of Megastar, who had been doing only actions films at that time of his career.

One would only wish Nani all the best and encourage him to proceed with the remake as he would be an ideal choice for the detective role which Chiru has essayed.

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