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Starring – Sudheer Babu, Nabha Natesh
Music – B.Ajaneeshloknath
Director – RS Naidu
Producer – Sudheer Babu
Banner – Sudheer Babu productions
DOP – Suresh Ragutu
Art director – Srikanth Ramisetty
Editor – Chota K Prasad
Choreographer – Rajkrishna

nannu dochukunduvate

Nannu Dochukunduvate… Sudheer Babu dual role…! Of course, one is onscreen, one is offscreen, as an actor and also as the producer. First time Sudheer Babu take over a project as a producer under his own banner Sudheer Babu productions. So, it is a very important project for him. Nabha Natesh is the heroine of this movie and makes her debut in Telugu with this. Moreover, RS Naidu, the director of the film also makes his debut with this Nannu Dochukunduvate. Now, all came to us… The movie is playing on the big screens… The movie is going… So, let a talk about it…

Movie Plot:

nannu dochukunduvate

Karthik is a focused guy, he concentrates on his job and wants to go to America. Albeit, Meghana is a cheerful girl and acts in short films. Though their thoughts and ways are different, they meet each other unexpectedly. Due to some reasons, at his father, he commits her as the girlfriend. After that, he falls in love with her completely. But, again thinks about his future goal so he avoids her and wants to leave her. But, finally, will he leave her and will he go to America.? What are the reasons for his commitment? Those are the big screen elements…


nannu dochukunduvate movie review

Debut director RS Naidu told this story in a beautiful way. The story point is somewhat general but he used it in a different angle. Throughout the movie, he never makes us bore. Actually, the general points in a movie are a perfect storyline, entertaining screenplay, and suitable actors. For this movie, the storyline was good and the screenplay also good. But, the entertaining mood which was appeared in the first half was decreased when it comes to the second half. Actually, according to this story that was nice but can make it better without some lags. But really the climax scene was very emotional and meaningful.

nannu dochukunduvate songs

Generally, the general lives’ appearances are less in movies but some movies make that feel. In those movies, this movie may also get a place in it. Because not completely but the director has tried to make it in a general way with common emotions and acts. Albeit, some scenes in the movie are super hilarious, mostly of Viva Harsha episodes. The short film scene which we saw in the trailer was too good. Thus, those type of scenarios makes us feel it as so natural.


nannu dochukunduvate

Come to the performances, Sudheer Babu once again showed his acting skills, particularly in both comedy and emotional scenes. As like that, Kannada actress Nabha Natesh did a brilliant job in it and her performance was damn cute. Definitely, everybody will appreciate her performance in this movie. As usual, Viva Harsha again made us laugh and moreover his expressions are hilarious. And, other actors such as Nasser, Tulasi, and others also did their portions well.

nannu dochukunduvate film

The technical team also good, especially Sudheer Babu’s first production it is. Really, the production values are too good for this movie. Director made it in an entertaining way but also need some improvements in the screenplay. But actually, he did very well and he caring on some scenes is impressive. Songs are okay, and Cinematography was also damn good. Finally, the movie is a complete combination of all emotions and all types of actions. This is an entertaining movie, can enjoy the weekend with it.

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Nannu Dochukunduvate… Stole in a comfortable way…

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/5


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