Madhavi’s Condition Is Stable Says,Doctors

Madhavi and her newly married husband Sandeep

Already the two Telugu states are saddened by the horrendous murder of Pranay by his father in law Maruthi Rao for caste differences. Not more than a week or so, the Telugu land witnessed another murder attempt due to this caste wars.A father named Manohara Achari attempted to kill both his daughter Madhavi and her newly married husband Sandeep on the other day’s morning. Both of these belong to different castes and got married after falling in love. They got married in the Arya Samaj and Madhavi’s father out of rage went on attacking the couple.

Madhavi's Condition Is Stable Says,Doctors

He tried to kill his own daughter Madhavi and gave a blow to her neck. Madhavi immediately collapsed and the former escaped from the incident. Husband and wife admitted at the hospital immediately after the attack. Sandeep was declared safe by the doctors but Madhavi’s health was very critical as all her nerves in the neck which runs down the spine were cut.Answering the prayers of many well-wishers of Madhavi, doctors finally declared that Madhavi is out of danger. She will be soon shifted out of ICU after 48 hours of observation. Doctors only allowed her mother and brother to interact with her in the ICU.


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