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HomelatestLokesh’s Tweet On Nandamuri Bro's: Patch Up Strengthens

Lokesh’s Tweet On Nandamuri Bro’s: Patch Up Strengthens

The IT Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Lokesh is hinting a clear patch up signs between the Nara family and Nandamuri Hari Krishna’s family with his recent post on Twitter. A look at his today’s Tweet explains everything.

Gone are the days when the TDP bigwigs like Nara Chandrababu Naidu and even Nandamuri Bala Krishna maintained distance from Hari Krishna’s family. For many obvious personal and Political reasons, Hari Krishna and his two sons, especially NTR Jr were kept away from TDP’s important meetings. Post the demise of Hari Krishna, both CBN and Balayya are extending their warm affection to the two brothers Kalyan Ram and NTR Jr. Lokesh who wished for his rival Pawan Kalyan’s birthday never wishes Taarak for his birthday being a relative. Such Lokesh took his Twitter and thanked both Kalyan Ram and Taarak for their warm contribution for the Titli victims in North Andhra region.

Taarak’s presence in star campaigning

Political analysts predict a complete patch up between CBN and Hari Krishna’s families from here on. They also predict Taarak’s presence in star campaigning for TDP for the upcoming general elections of 2019.

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