Tuesday, October 26, 2021
HomelatestNational surveys Vs Actual facts of AP Political parties

National surveys Vs Actual facts of AP Political parties

For some obvious reasons, the so-called top-notch survey organizations have been favoring the BJP and its alleged allies. A quick comparison between their surveys and the current mania of the AP Political parties explains everything.


As the Lok Sabha elections are approaching, these National surveys gave work to themselves to gauge the power of Political parties. To everyone’s surprise, they predicted the win of BJP yet again for the second time in a row at the center by gaining as many as 290+ seats whereas the same predicted 75 seats to the Opposition Congress. If we look at the recent developments of Indian Politics, Congress has been improving a lot as it almost formed Governments in a couple of states. So there is a bit of partiality towards BJP in these surveys. If these numbers are not appearing to be exaggerating, the following predictions of AP for the upcoming elections would fumble your mind for sure.


Survey organizations like Karvy etc announced the results of their latest investigations. To everyone’s surprise, an alleged secret friend of BJP, YSRCP is going to get 47% of vote share. BJP’s rival TDP is limited to 37% of the vote share leaving the parties BJP and Janasena share 7% each of the total vote bank of AP. We can see that the alleged pro-BJP party YSRCP was declared as the winner in this survey and the BJP which has become the rival of entire AP constituted 7% of vote bank which is unbelievable. Also the fact that the most buzzed party Janasena limiting to just 7% is also a doubtful factor in this survey. So the leading Politicians conclude that either these surveys are influenced by the ruling party of India or the surveyors got their information wrong.

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