Netizens ridiculing Sakshi’s article on TDP MPs

Netizens ridiculing Sakshi article on TDP MPs

Good or bad, finally the ruling party MPs made it to the peak and achieved the chance of having No Confidence Motion against the BJP. Its rival party’s news daily’s foul cry just stated its jealous over the TDP’s victory.

Going into the details, the YSRCP’s home newspaper Sakshi publishes news only in the favor of Jagan and anti to the TDP. The other day, TDP MPs got the approval of No Confidence Motion by the speaker. A small article was floated in Sakshi’s newspaper and it astonished many for its misleading content on the Yellow leaders.

Unable to digest the limelight of TDP, Sakshi stated that the speaker who received more than 7 requests only accepted the TDP’s papers. The Speaker later backed her decision that the first application they received will be given the chance. Also, Sakshi claimed that the YSRCP MPs submitted the Motion Act 13 times in the happened session but it got no result.

According to Sakshi, Speaker committed a mistake for considering TDP’s request on the very first day of the Monsoon Sessions but it is forgetting the fact that TDP too submitted the Motion Act for 13 times in the last session just like YSRCP.

Last but not the least, Sakshi concluded this news article in YSRCP’s favor by intelligently stating that due to YSRCP’s multiple trails, TDP got the chance now. If this is the case with the Jagan’s media, then netizens who observe this article are ridiculing the paper heads for their dual nature.


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