TRS’s double standards irking the Andhra leaders

TRS’s double standards on No Confidence Motion

TRS despite its fight with the AP state for separate Telangana extended its unconditional support in Special Category Status. Its recent stand on the AP not only shocks the Political enthusiasts but also leave the AP leaders in disgust.

Unexpectedly the Centre has accepted to organize the No Confidence Motion within a couple of days in the Parliament. TRS is one among many parties which stood in the favor of this against the BJP. today, it took a big U-turn and declared that its support will be extended until the fulfillment of AP bifurcation act.

Talking about the Special Category Status, a TRS MP deliberately declared that his Government will oppose anything granted by the Centre to the AP beyond the AP Bifurcation Act. The same MP claimed that the Special Status is not included in the act so it won’t be supporting this issue.

Even in the No Confidence Motion, TRS MPs are speculated to be decided either to vote in favor of BJP or boycott the voting procedure. These double standards are unable to get digested by maximum people and politicians of AP.

One has to wait and see what the TDP Parliamentarians would do if it fails to get the support of TRS. It is time for the AP leaders to have a word or two with the TRS leaders as their vote is very important in this situation. They also state that if Centre gives anything special for the AP, then TRS is all set to stage its protest for the injustice to Telangana. Seems the brotherhood is turning out to be enemies in the crucial moment.


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