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New Liquor Rates Update After GST To India In 2017

New Liquor Rates Update After GST To India In 2017

New Liquor Rates Update After GST To India In 2017:  GST(Goods and Services Tax) increase the prices of liquor. Just have a look at the price.

Bagpiper 750ml cost @ Rs.282
Bagpiper 375ml cost @ Rs.141
Bagpiper 180ml Tetra cost @ Rs.68
Bagpiper 90ml cost @ Rs.43

Black Dog Centenary deluxe scotch whiskey
Black Dog 2ltr cost @ Rs.2888
Black Dog 750ml cost @ Rs.1250
Black Dog 375ml cost @ Rs.625
Black Dog 180ml cost @ Rs.309
Black Dog 60ml cost @ Rs.110

8 pm
8 pm 1ltr cost @ Rs.279
8 pm 750ml cost @ Rs.234
8 pm 375ml cost @ Rs.117
8 pm 180ml cost @ Rs.57

Blenders Pride
Blenders Pride 750ml cost @ Rs.1050
Blenders Pride 375ml cost @ Rs.460
Blenders Pride 180ml cost @ Rs.230
Blenders Pride 60ml cost @ Rs.80

Antiquity Blue
Antiquity Blue 750ml cost @ Rs.1050
Antiquity Blue 375ml cost @ Rs.530
Antiquity Blue 180ml cost @ Rs.270
Antiquity Blue 60ml cost @ Rs.90

Antiquity rare
Antiquity rare 750ml cost @ Rs.900
Antiquity rare 175ml cost @ Rs.450
Antiquity rare 180ml cost @ Rs.230
Antiquity rare 60mlb cost @ Rs.80

Ballanties 750ml cost @ Rs.1600
Ballanties 50ml cost @ Rs.150

Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 750ml cost @ Rs. 3697

Blue Lable
Blue Lable 750ml cost @ Rs. 29965

DSP Black
DSP Black 750ml cost @ Rs.420
DSP Black 375ml cost @ Rs.210
DSP Black 180ml cost @ Rs.102
DSP Black 60ml cost @ Rs.42
DSP Black 90ml cost @ Rs.55

DSP 1Ltr cost @ Rs.470
DSP 750ml cost @ Rs.392
DSP 375ml cost @ Rs.196
DSP 180ml Tetra cost @ Rs.95
DSP 90ml cost @ Rs.48
DSP 60ml cost @ Rs.38

Chivas Regal
Chivas Regal 4.5ltr cost @ Rs. 23100
Chivas Regal 750ml cost @ Rs.3800

C-R. 18yrs
C-R. 18yrs 750ml cost @Rs. 8650

Jameson Irish
Jameson Irish 750ml cost @ Rs.1800

Glenlivet 12 years
Glenlivet 12 years 750ml cost @ Rs.4500

Dewars White Label
Dewars White Label 750ml cost @ Rs.1550

Green Lable
Green Lable 750ml cost @ Rs.420
Green Lable 375ml cost @ Rs.210
Green Lable 180ml cost @ Rs.101

Jim Beam
Jim Beam 750ml cost @ Rs.1557

Black Dog 12years
Black Dog 12years 2Ltr cost @ Rs.5520
Black Dog 12years 750ml cost @ Rs.2250
Black Dog 12years 375ml cost @ Rs.1100
Black Dog 12years 180ml cost @ Rs.560
Black Dog 12years 60ml cost @ Rs.180

Haig Gold Label
Haig Gold Label 750ml cost @ Rs.758
Haig Gold Label 180ml cost @ Rs.183
Haig Gold Label 60ml cost @ Rs.63

Imperial Blue
Imperial Blue 750ml cost @ Rs.478
Imperial Blue 375ml cost @ Rs.239
Imperial Blue 180ml cost @ Rs.116

Officers Choice Whisky
Officers Choice Whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.282
Officers Choice Whisky 375ml cost @ Rs.141
Officers Choice Whisky 180ml cost @ Rs.68
Officers Choice Whisky 90ml cost @ Rs.43

Red Lable
Red Lable 750ml cost @ Rs.1950
Red Lable 350ml cost @ Rs.835
Red Lable 200ml cost @ Rs.405
Red Lable 50ml cost @ Rs.190

MC Whisky
MC Whisky 1Ltr cost @ Rs.604
MC Whisky 2Ltr cost @ Rs.1209
MC Whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.478
MC Whisky 375ml cost @ Rs.239
MC Whisky 180ml cost @ Rs.116
MC Whisky 90ml cost @ Rs.64
MC Whisky 60ml cost @ Rs.47

Red knight
Red knight 180ml cost @ Rs.81
Red knight 750ml cost @ Rs.329
Red knight 375ml cost @ Rs.198

PETER SCOTCH W 750ML cost @ Rs.951
PETER SCOTCH W 375ml cost @ Rs.476
PETER SCOTCH W 180ml cost @ Rs.235

Royal Stag
Royal Stag 750ml cost @ Rs.622
Royal Stag 375ml cost @ Rs.311
Royal Stag 180ml cost @ Rs.150
Royal Stag 60ml cost @ Rs.56

Maquintosh 750ml cost @ Rs.528
Maquintosh 180ml cost @ Rs.128

Royal Challenge
Royal Challenge 2ltr cost @ Rs.1730
Royal Challenge 1Ltr cost @ Rs.910
Royal Challenge 750ml cost @ Rs.696
Royal Challenge 375ml cost @ Rs.348
Royal Challenge 180ml cost @ Rs.169
Royal Challenge 60ml cost @ Rs.61

Signature 2Ltr cost @ Rs.1975
Signature 1Ltr cost @ Rs.1054
Signature 750ml cost @ Rs.791
Signature 375ml cost @ Rs.395
Signature 180ml cost @ Rs.192
Signature 60ml cost @ Rs.70

GOLD LABLE 750ml cost @ Rs.6884

Vat 69
Vat 69 750ml cost @ Rs.1290
Vat 69 375ml cost @ Rs.680
Vat 69 180ml cost @ Rs.350
Vat 69 1Ltr cost @ Rs.1273
Vat 69 60ml cost @ Rs.112

Maq Sc Whisky
Maq Sc Whisky 90ml cost @ Rs.130
Maq Sc Whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.1058
Maq Sc Whisky 180ml cost @ Rs. 260

Passport Scotch Whisky
Passport Scotch Whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.825

ARISTOCRAT -WY 750ml cost @ Rs.322
ARISTOCRAT -WY 180ML cost @ Rs.78

Teachers Hiland
Teachers Hiland 1Ltr cost @ Rs.1961
Teachers Hiland 750ml cost @ Rs.1471
Teachers Hiland 375ml cost @ Rs.735
Teachers Hiland 180ml cost @ Rs.360
Teachers Hiland 60ml cost @ Rs.118

Teachers 50
Teachers 50 750ml cost @ Rs. 2275
Teachers 50 375ml cost @ Rs.1193
Teachers 50 180ml cost @ Rs. 611
Teachers 50 60ml cost @ Rs. 205

Jura s Malt 10 yrs
Jura s Malt 10 yrs 700ml cost @ Rs. 3300

Something Special
Something Special 750ml cost @ Rs.1688

J & B Rare
J & B Rare 750ml cost @ Rs.1990

Cutty Sark scotch
Cutty Sark scotch 50ml cost @ Rs. 290
Cutty Sark scotch 750ml cost @ Rs.1231

Dewars 12 years scotch
Dewars 12 years scotch 750ml cost @ Rs. 3400

De Aberfeldy scotch12 years
De Aberfeldy scotch12 years 750ml cost @ Rs.7000

D Y C whisky
D Y C whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.494
D Y C whisky 375ml cost @ Rs.247
D Y C whisky 180ml cost @ Rs.123

Whyte & Macky whisky
Whyte & Macky whisky 750ml cost @ Rs.1361
Whyte & Macky whisky 375ml cost @ Rs.705
Whyte & Macky whisky 180ml cost @Rs 351
Whyte & Macky whisky 60ml cost @ Rs 117

Old Smaggler
Old Smaggler 750ml cost @ Rs.999
Old Smaggler 60ml cost @ Rs.85

Black Dog 18 Years Old
Black Dog 18 Years Old 750ml cost @ Rs.7800

Haywards Fine Whisky
Haywards Fine Whisky 90ml cost @ Rs.25v
Haywards Fine Whisky 180ml Tetra cost @ Rs.49


GST On Petrol May Decrease The Price



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