Newcomers and Old leaders combo win the Power: Janasena leaders

Newcomers and Old leaders combo win the Power in JSP Leader

Janasena leaders have been trying a new strategy to go for the Assembly elections. Being the first time competitors, the party bigwigs are trying something new and unique in the recent past.

Janasena Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan has been voicing out for the Political change in AP by bringing up the young blood inside. But looking at the recent developments and the inflow of the senior Politicians, one may get a doubt regarding the Janasena’s vision and mission. To clear the criticism and to clarify the party’s followers, the Janasena State Convener Pardhasaradhi has spoken to the Press regarding their candidates. He stated that their Chief Pawan Kalyan strictly wants the young leaders to take up the party’s responsibilities. At the same time, the presence of senior most leaders would only help the party to grow more being the newest party of the State. Finally, he disclosed that more than 60% of the Assembly seats will be given to the young leaders and newcomers whereas 40% or fewer seats are allocated to the seniors who joined the party.

Pardhasaradhi claimed that the Party is talking in the senior and experienced leaders after having a details talks with them. Only those who match with Janasena’s Principles are getting a place in the party and those who are asking tickets for the sake of Politics are rejected by the Chief. He declared that if at all they want to do vote bank Politics, more than 40 leaders from TDP and YSRCP are waiting for the nod of Pawan Kalyan.


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