No Charges for Seattle Officer in Telugu Student Jaahnavi Kandula Death


Justice denied? An off-duty Seattle police officer who struck and killed an Indian student, Jaahnavi Kandula, while speeding to an overdose call, will not face criminal charges due to insufficient evidence. The incident, already tragic, was compounded by insensitive comments from another officer caught on camera, sparking outrage and raising questions about accountability.

The Crash: Officer Kevin Dave was driving 74 mph (119 km/h) without his siren on continuously when he hit Kandula, throwing her 100 feet. Despite the speed exceeding the limit, prosecutors claim they lack evidence to prove “conscious disregard for safety.”

Insensitive Remarks: Bodycam footage revealed Officer Daniel Auderer, not involved in the crash, making light of the tragedy, saying, “She is dead…She had limited value,” fueling community distrust. He faces potential termination for unprofessional conduct.

Accountability Concerns: While Dave avoids criminal charges, Auderer’s disciplinary hearing is upcoming. The incident highlights concerns about police accountability, raising questions about how to ensure justice for victims and uphold professional standards.

Community Impact: Kandula’s family and the Indian community are left seeking answers and grappling with the loss. Northeastern University will posthumously award her degree, honoring her memory.

Unanswered Questions: Did speeding contribute to the crash? Could the lack of a continuous siren have played a role? How can we ensure swift and just accountability for police misconduct? These questions linger, leaving a sense of unease and a call for systemic change.


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