No National Status To Kaleshwaram Project: Declares NDA

TRS MP Vinod in the Parliamentary Session.

Telangana CM KCR has been trying hard to get a National Project status to the Kaleshwaram Project in Telangana. However, today’s final verdict from the BJP Minister kills the aspirations of the TRS Chief.KCR recently met the Indian Prime Minister Modi to discuss some issues of Telangana. One important request in his meeting is urging the Centre to provide National Project Status to the Kaleshwaram Project likewise Polavaram to AP. The same question was again raised by the TRS MP Vinod in the Parliamentary Session.

No National Status To Kaleshwaram Project

The BJP Minister of Projects and Irrigation Nitish Gadkari made it quite clear that no projects in India would get National Status from here after and Polavaram is the last project which got the Status. When MP Vinod asked for some clarification, the Minister declared that the Status is applicable to the backward States of North-East India. But the Centre is ready to aid the Projects in flooding threat areas as much as 60% in their total budget. So more or less, Gadkari declared that they will not give Status to Kaleshwaram in Telangana.This is a huge blow to the TRS Government which is hoping to get a favour from BJP. Not less than a day, TRS MPs have supported the NDA candidate in Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman elections and they got an empty hand from the Centre.

Declares NDA



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