Shocking Speculation: Harirama Jogaiah Into Janasena?

Hari Rama jogayya planning to join Janasena

Day by day the young party of AP, Janasena is growing bigger and bigger with the incoming of senior leaders from the parties of TDP, Congress and YSRCP. Ongoing speculations reveal the addition of bigwig into Janasena in the upcoming days.The leader is none other than the ex-Congress MLA Harirama Jogaiah who has a vast knowledge and experience in AP Politics. Rama Jogaiah maintains close relationships with the mega family since the time of PRP. He left Congress to join PRP being a Kapu leader in United AP. Sources close to the Janasena camp declare that this leader is holding talks with Pawan Kalyan and the latter is more than happy to welcome such senior into the party.

Hari Rama Jogaiah if joined in Janasena

Hari Rama Jogaiah if joined in Janasena, he might contest as an MP from the constitution of Narsapur in West Godavari. Being a Kapu, he can have the major advantage in West Godavari where his community voters are more than any other district. Also, he has the support of Pawan Kalyan who is also a Kapu in terms of vote bank. Even though Pawan wishes for casteless Politics, the caste card plays a prominent role in getting the votes. Its due to this reason, PRP lost in 2009 as it got tagged as a Kapu party by its rivals.For now, this news is merely a speculation but he senior most analysts of Politics predict that this has more chances to become true. Let us wait for the official announcement from the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan.


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