TDP’s Master Ploy On Kapu Reservations And BJP

Chandrababu Reaction On Kapu Reservation

The TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu is using all his Political knowledge and experience to regain Power in 2019. For this, he has written perfect strategies to win the trust of AP people and make them vote for the Yellow Flag.Known for his tactics, CBN made two enemies post the break up with NDA alliance. He is dealing with YSRCP in the State and BJP at the Centre. To checkmate two enemies with one movie, CBN made his MP to introduce a special bill called BC Reservations. Out of the blue, YSRCP Supreme Jagan dug his own pit by declaring that he cannot help BCs regarding reservations.

Anakapalli MP Avanthi Srinivas has introduced

TDP camp knows that today or later, the agitation would touch his party in the upcoming days. To back his own party and also to make BJP a big villain in the minds of AP, Anakapalli MP Avanthi Srinivas has introduced Private Bill on BC Reservations today in the house. The TDP camp knows that BJP for sure would reject the Bill and they get the support and trust of AP people for their fight against the Centre. At the same time, BCs would hate BJP for rejecting the bill thereby reducing their vote bank in AP.

BCs would hate BJP

With this act, neither BJP nor YSRCP including Janasena would blame TDP for not fighting for the Kapu reservations in the Centre leaving TDP in benefit zone. As they can’t win against a Central party, CBN and his cadre can get maximum sympathy on them and hatred on BJP at the same time. This is called one short and multiple birds.


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