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Odd-Even to be back in Delhi from November

The Delhi government will execute its car odd-even method from 4-15 November to tackle rising pollution level during the crop burning season.

Making the declaration, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said studies have revealed that the method helps decrease pollution levels.

The government also announced a seven-point agenda as a preventive measure to attempt air pollution levels which are at maximum in November.

“4-15 November odd-even to be applied. The studies around this have shown that pollution levels fall. Odd and even is an emergency measure. Cannot be implemented for too long. Details will be clarified in the next few days,” Kejriwal said while addressing the media.

Kejriwal said that the Delhi government will carry on to work with the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh to find another plan to crop burning.

Odd-Even to be back in Delhi from November

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led Delhi government has so far implemented the method on two occasions.

The government will publicize the details of the format in the next few days. Some of the officials in the government said closer to the day, the scheme will be approved based on the pollution levels of the national capital.

Last week, the government had invited suggestions from the populace to manage the increasing levels of pollution in Delhi. The government had claimed that pollution levels have seen a reject by 25%. The government acknowledged over 1200 suggestions.

In the seven-point schedule, the government will secure masks on a large scale and dispense them for free. The government will also start a Delhi tree confront to raise the tree cover. It will also arrange volunteers to manage the burning of wood in the winter.

“As per the Supreme Court’s direction, we want the residents of Delhi to not burn crackers. Delhi government will organize a Lazer show on Choti Diwali so that the city can together celebrate the festival,” Kejriwal briefed.

While the odd-even scheme and the Diwali limitations will end, the remaining five-scheduled points will form the winter feat plan of the government.

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