Owaisi Confident On TRS Win In Snap Polls


The MIM Chief Owaisi who term himself as the Kingmaker in Telangana Politics expressed his confidence in his good friend TRS’s win at any cost. More details of his recent Press interaction as follows.Owaisi who opposes the National party BJP maintains close relations with the TRS party. The moment it came to know that TRS is not allying with the Saffron Party, Owaisi declared that the MIM would back up TRS. As the counting is yet to be done on Monday to declare the clear winner, Owaisi told the Press that KCR with the support of MIM would form the Government.


Revealing the open offer from the Mahakutami, especially from the Congress leaders, Owaisi double confirmed that he is interested to join hands only with the TRS camp. Also, this Minority leader claimed that his party would win as many as ten seat minimum in Telangana. He will be meeting the TRS Chief KCR amidst the counting day to discuss their future course of action if at all they form Government.Meanwhile, the entire Nation along with Telangana is waiting for the results of snap polls. These results would show a huge impact on the Lok Sabha elections of other states and direct impact on AP Assembly elections.



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