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KCR Removed 50 Lakhs Votes From The List: Revanth Reddy

Seems the firebrand leader Revanth Reddy has not cooled down yet on his rival KCR even after the elections day. This Congress MLA’s recent allegations on the TRS Government surprised many voters across the Telangana.It is a fact that only 70% of voters have participated in the early polls of Telangana. In Urban areas, the count is so low that the so-called educated voter’s percentage is limited to 30% which is an all-time low. Adding more doubts, the Telangana Congress Working President Revanth Reddy alleged that the TRS Government has removed 100-200 votes in every constituency with perfect planning.

These removed votes are rumoured to belong to the regions where the Congress support is maximum. On a whole, Revanth declared that about 50 lakh voters have lost their right to vote only because of KCR’s cheap tactics for winning the Political battle.On this note, Revanth pointed at the KCR’s having Voter IDs at both Gajwel and Kodangal thereby calling the Election Commission to take an action for his malpractice. He directly questioned KCR if he has any right to have voted at two places when he removed as many as half a crore anti-votes of common people.

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